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   We have been an independent provider of power protection products and services since 2008.

We help facility managers and IT professionals to stay current with their power technologies by offering the largest variety of products on the market, manufactured by the most trusted names in the business.

   As a primary and expanding source of power-related products and services, we specialize in AC and DC power conversion, power quality, cooling and power protection.

   We offer UPS systems and batteries, cooling solutions, Data Centre monitoring and management, both on-site and off-site support, as well as preventive maintenance. Our staff are experts in their craft and are happy to help with any issues that may arise, from the smallest desktop UPS issues to the largest data center design and construction projects.    

Protect your mission-Critical Infrastructure

    We provide regular servicing for potential problems, as to identify and prevent any issues before they can occur and reduce or eliminate downtime costs. By choosing Synergize as the provider for your power and cooling services, you can feel assured that your investment is smart and protected in the hands of our team. Our pre-scheduled product servicings ensure that your systems are always operating at their highest performance, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your systems. As experts in our craft, Synergize enables you to focus on your business while we take care of all your electrical and cooling technology needs.

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    We have collated a variety of business partners in order to provide comprehensive products, including critical infrastructure systems. We aim to do this with the highest quality and efficiency it could be.   


    Delivering quality products and maintenance service along with achieving the maximum benefit and our customers satisfaction.


    Delivering high-quality, reputable products that comply with international standards, to our customers.

    Encourage and support our staff in their development, ensuring customer satisfaction and exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Always focus on providing the highest standard of services possible.


    To gain the trust and accredidation of our customers.

    Provide sustainable growth and a constant professionalism.

    Continue to increase business growth at a rate no lower than 15% per year.

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